Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

>Does anyone know who the manufacture is for an original 928 Windshield.

I just got a quote last week from Vistar Auto Glass, it used to be Windshields America/US Auto Glass (name changed recently) quote was for $397 installed. Call 1-800-800-2727 to see if there is a location close to you. I'm located in No. California...good luck


I just had a new Sigla windshield put in my 85 Euro today and the
guys should be able to help you. Ask for Scott, he's the owner, and
tell him that I referred you; you could also talk to the manager
named Rob. I heard them on the phone today talking to someone from
out of town.

Jason Butler
85 928S Euro

Preferred Glass
8400 E. Iliff, Unit 5
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 745-8400

I faced the same problem about 4 months ago. I don't carry comprehensive (on purpose), so it was my expense to handle. The Porsche (Sigla) windshield is over $900 just for the glass and must be purchased from Porsche. I had several auto glass companies tell me they could get the same German Sigla glass for much less - about $400 or so - but that turned out to be untrue. In the end they said they would use PPG, Safelite or some other American glass and it would match stock color and shade band with a total cost installed of about $350. When the day came the installer arrived with glass that did match stock nicely, although it proved to be Australian. As the Aussies say, no worries mate.

When the installer looked at the Porsche winshield installation kit, he said it did not meet current standards. He used a caulking gun to dispense the seal instead (after carefully cleaning and priming the channel) - I think it was some sort of urethane - and credited me for the unused kit.

Call 928 Intl if you want the original glass. They only list windsheilds through MY 84 (for $495) but may have glass for newer MY. Rather than hassling with finding an installer to put in my glass (although Dan Brindle describes how he did his own), I decided the original glass was not important.

The aftermarket glass my installer used was an exact match, including the green shade band and black mask. The replacement was PGI (Protector Glass Industries) from Australia. If you are paying yourself, I think it is a no brainer to go aftermarket, if you can get a good match like I did. Total $350 vs. over $1000. Other than the PGI rather than Sigla label in the lower left corner, I can't see a difference. After reviewing the shop manual section of the windhield, my main concern was the installer. The company sent their most experienced installer who was quick and but very careful, and ut went very smoothly. So, this worked out well for me.

Bill Ball
89 S4

From personal experience, do not go with an OEM or aftermarket windshield. Use either a Sigla or Sekurit windshield. When I had mine replaced last Spring, the company said they would provide an OEM windshield, in this case, Pilkington. Despite my insistence on one of the aforementioned windshields, they showed up with the Pilkington, installed it, and found that while the physical dimensions were correct, the black edge band was about one inch narrower and allowed you to see the rear edge and felt of the dashboard. I refused to sign for them to get paid by my insurance company, called my agent with the specifics, and had the correct windshield installed a week later, at their expense.

Jerry Magolan
1991 928GT (Black/Cashmere) 110,300 miles
President, Hurricane Region, PCA
Charter Member, 928OC

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