Door Panel Removal, 1985

Door Panel Removal, 1985

Boy oh boy do I know his one!! i've had to take my door panels off 6 times in the last 2 months!
1. take a very small screw driver or pocket knife and remove the center of the lock knob. it just pops in and out.
2. remove the philips screw that you find under the cover of the lock knob.
3. spin the trim ring for the lock (about 3 inches around) counter clockwise and remove it. (not as easy as it sounds)
4. remove the philips screws at the bottom of the doot panel. they are usually buried under the shag of the carpet, you just have to feel and look for them.
5. pull out the door release handle and find the philips screw that holds the bezel for the handle on. remove it and slide the bezel over the release handle.
6. remove the access panel to the power window regulator. its the cover right above the arm rest. pull the top of it toward you to pop thte clips out and then pull it up and out.
7. grab your 10mm socket and remove the screw/bolt inside the hole for the air vents at the front of the door panel.
8. open the storage compartment in under the arm rest. remove the two 10mm bolts at the front and back of the compartment.
9. remove the three 10mm bolts that are under the access panel. you should have a total of six 10mm bolts now.
10. start at the front of the door panel and pry it away from the door as there are still plastic clips holding the panel on.
11. there is a slot cut in the panel to slip over the plastic tube that carries all the wires into the door. pull the panel over the tube but do not pull the panel too far away from the door.
12. support the panel (i used the door sil) and disconnect the speakers, power mirror switch, and courtesy light. LABEL YOUR WIRES!!
13. now you can slide the panel about an inch or two forward and off of the door. there is a metal hook just above the lock that you have to get free. it just slides out.

installation is just the reverse. once you get it off. its pretty easy to get it back on. just remember where everything goes. its likely that the bolt locations are cracked or broken so invest in some washers that are bigger than the factory ones. hope this helps, good luck!!
*Bobby W; '85 928 S 5spd

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