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Chicago - Cape Cod Trip

Chicago - Cape Cod Trip

Just got back From a trip from Chicago to Cape Cod and back in my 84, and had a couple of thoughts and comments.

First, I was very dissapointed because I didn't see a single 928 my entire trip, until I got back into the Chicago suburbs. Lots of 944's and fewer 911's, but no sharks.

Averaged about 21+ MPG with some spirited driving using 93 octane.

Found an interesting way to improve my average time without risking my spotless driving record - just wait for a speeder to pass you by, and trail them at a fair distance. It seemed that for the most part, average traffic was moving at least 75 mph throughout most of my trip on the interstate routes.

What is more fun than just driving fast with someone out there as ticket bait? On about 4 occasions, I was passed by "sports cars" - a couple of Vettes, a Supra turbo, and what I think was a Masserati (did I butcher the spelling?) with the little crown emblem on the side behind the rear window. What I would do would be to let them clear me by a quarter to a half mile, then pull on them as fast as I could go until I was within about 4 car lengths then drop back again slow. This seemed to really antagonize their egos. Now, I was carefull not to do this around other responsible drivers, which would have endangered myself as well as them, but when I had clean breaks, I got to thouroughly enjoy what the car was made for. Anyone can do the 0-60 routine, but 60-130+ is where the superb engineering of the 928 can be felt. WOW! These other guys didn't seem to want to compete with acceleration while I was close, but after I dropped back, they all wanted to loose me in a big way. Didn't happen. It was all good fun - the 2 Vette drivers and I both waved to each other as we parted ways. I had a bad case of Perma-Grin.

The last thing I thought I would mention... Why don't we compile a registry of-sorts, of roads that are superb tests of our nimble Sharks? We could all make plans, when we may be passing through a particular area in the country, to run the gauntlet through the circuit. I think we all could appreciate an encounter with a challenging "twisty" once in a while.

Here are my 2 reccomendations:

Binghamton, New York, North-East to Cooperstown on Route 88. I believe the exit is Route 28, about 18 miles. Drive through the town, and right by the Holy Baseball Shrine (should be on your right side). Continue through the town another 1/4 mile and up a small hill and you will see the road turn hard to the Left. This is it! the road goes for about 20 or so miles and will parallell the long lake which will be on your left side. The Road ends on Route 20. Incredible! Twists and turns, Hills and Dips, with lush forest and tree-tunnels. On Saturday, August 14, I only saw 3 other cars the whole time.

In the North-West corner of Massachusetts, you will find Williamstown. Follow the route from Williamstown to North Adams. As you get close to North Adams, you will have to climb up a chalenging sequence of switch-backs that covers breathtaking scenery over the mountain. This road would make many cars sweat and gasp for air, but the 928 not only provides an ample supply of acceleration while climbing, It also gives the razor-sharp handling that offers the driver the confidence to enjoy it as it was meant to be driven (in my humble opinion). The road out of North Adams to Greenfield, is better yet, although a little more traveled. I believe it's called the Mohawk Trail.

Before anyone flames me, I didn't endanger myself or anyone else around blind curves or where I couldn't anticipate what was ahead. But where I had a clear view of road ahead, and confirmed no bike-riders or cars, I was able to do MORE than twice the posted limits - the feedback from the car told me I could have pushed even harder! However, from North Adams to Greenfield - speed zones ARE TO BE OBSERVED! There are clusters of little towns after the mountain road ends and the road goes from wild, to 35, to 25 within a quarter mile as you enter these little towns - I did see Police with radar but they didn't see me! Prime speed-traps.

One reason I was so pleased with these 2 routes was because of the lack of traffic.

I only wish I could try these 2 roads in a GT or GTS! I'm soooo glad that I decided to drive out there instead of fly - I have a new-found respect for the 928 - an incredible machine. And I almost forgot to
mention, I had almost No driving fatigue with 5 days of driving (there and back). Just try that in a 911.

Let's hear about some other inspirational roads!
Sorry about all the 928 gushing.

John Tow. 84 928S, Automatic, Rauschquartz metalic, Daily Driver
2800 miles in 17 days. 89.6k mi

Law Enforcement Disclaimer: None of the above actually happened. It was posted for Entertainment Purposes Only and is purely Fiction.

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