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Driveline Vibrations: Motor Mounts

Driveline Vibrations: Motor Mounts

>Now that the 86.5 issue appears to be resolved, I would like to get some
>feedback from you about driveline vibrations. I have noticed that on
>several 928s, that I have test driven or just reved the engine, that some
>have a slight to very noticible vibration from about 1500 rpm to about 2500
>rpm. My guess is that the motor mounts are starting to (for lack of a
>better term) fail. Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone replaced their
>mounts? If so, did it eliminate the vibration or was there something else?

That is the classic symptom of worn motor mounts.
Every 928 that I have owned (and many others that I know of) have had that same 1500-2300 vibration and after installation of new motor mounts the vibration disappears. This is the single most rewarding repair I have ever made to a 928, the difference is dramatic, makes it like a new car again.

I have noticed that the mounts seem to wear out on 5-speed 928s with over 60-70k miles and Autos over 100k miles.

There are actually wear gauges on the mounts themselves and they can be easily checked once you know how and where. However it is very hard to describe by typing, remind me at the Frenzy and I will show you and anyone else that is interested.

I will also try to put some photos on my website later to illustrate this.

David Roberts

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