Rear Hatch wont Open

Rear Hatch wont Open

>The lock mechanism on my hatch is broken and I am unable to open it with the key
>or electric release. What do I do to get it open?

You can get the hatch open by removing the tool set, then, take out the two 10 mm bolts that hold the release mechanism in place and just move it out of the way as much as possible. you should be able to see a small "window" through which you can see the white plastic latch that is attached to the deck lid. push back on the white part with a screwdriver (or whatever) and push up on the hatch. that should pop it open. hope this works for you. take care.

Bobby W
'85 928 S 5spd

I have a frusterating problem. Something is wrong with the lock in the hatch (82 Euro S). The key turns, but it does not trip the latch. I have tried to pop it from the inside but have had no luck. I even had a locksmith try and he couldn't pop it either. The lock is equipped with the factory alarm. There is no remote release in my car either, or at least I haven't found it if there is. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix, or at least open, my hatch?

Derek Lindberg
82 Euro S

To open the rear hatch on cars that do not have a auto hatch release you need to attack from inside. Remove the tool kit cover peel up the vinyl on the horizontal body cross member. drill a 1/4 hole thru the sheet metal in the very center of the body crossmember as high as you can. The vinyl upholstery will cover the hole. Insert a screwdiver thru the hole to press the white plastic latch toward the rear of the car--have someone press down on the hatch to remove the tension-the hatch will open. The problem you have is the upper lock is broken-the cast metal arm on the tumbler is probably broken or the black housing is broken-the solution is a new upper lock.


Here's some little tips which should come in handy for anyone else who has to drill holes in the back of the interior of their rear hatch to pop it open because the key cylinder broke and the electric release isn't working:

Instead of using a regular screwdriver to jab at the latch (through the holes you drill), USE A TACK LIFTER. Essentially a bent screwdriver (with prongs, but you don't care about that). Pushing straight back with a screwdriver requires that you press very close to the hinge of the latch, and in the position you'll be laying in, you won't be generating a lot of torque. If your latch pivots easily, it's not a problem. But mine was very tight, and I couldn't get it open this way. With the tack remover, I was able to work it upwards some to press higher up on the latch, and it popped open on the first try (after many many hours of trying with a screwdriver). It appears that the key still turns the latch somewhat, but not far enough to release the hatch - probably related to how hard the latch is to press (so perhaps a new latch and bar would fix it?).

86 5spd

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