Power Window Problems

Power Window Problems

>My power windows seem to be possessed. Sometimes they work and sometimes
>they don't. I don't think it is the switches because when they don't work,
>neither of them work. Last night I couldn't get either window down, this
>morning they both worked. After driving a couple hours they quit working
>again. If it's not the switches or the fuse, I guess there must be a short
>or faulty wire somewhere. Could it be heat related?

This could be your power window motor. The only problem is that they both go out at once. If one works at a time, like mine did, try this.

To verify that it is not the switch, you can unplug one switch, and plug it into the other receptacle. That is provided one window is still working. There are carpeted panels along either side of the center console. These are each held on by 2 screws. The forward screw is easily visible. The rear screw is a couple of inches from the back of the panel. You have to push down the seat cushion a little to unscrew. Upon removal of these panels, push a switch up from below. Unplug the connector forward about 2 feet. Remove the plastic holder from the wire ends. I don't think the holder will slide out through the switch hole. Pull wires out of switch hole. Connect to plug on other side. If the non-working window now works, it is definitely the motor. 928 International (800) 634-6117 has used motors. Tell them I sent you.

Changing the window motor requires some disassembly of the door panel. There are bolts in the map pocket. When you see the motor bolts, take them off. The roller on the window arm will slide out of its track. Pull it out of the door. Then the motor can be detached.

Good Luck,
Thom Ross
86.5 928S

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