Center Console Removal Procedure '86.5 928S

Center Console Removal Procedure '86.5 928S

Shelves under dash
Glove box face
Carpeted trim panels along console
To access rear screws, depress seat cushions
Rear console screws are behind rear trim panel screws
Center glove box
Gear shift handle and boot
Center air vent grill (gently pry out with gasket scraper or putty knife)
Glove box to console bolt (pry off black 1 inch round grommet to see bolt)
Screws under instrument panel
Bolts behind center grill
Ash tray - remove insert, then 2 screws (may not be necessary)

Unplug all accessible electrical connectors
Note position of cigarette lighter and clock wires
Other plugs are unique sizes and/or wire color coding
Lift/engage emergency brake handle
Pull automatic transmission lever back to lowest gear
While pulling back and up on the rear of the console, gently pry shifter
nodules off either side of shaft. Nodules are on plastic pieces lower end of
Watch that you don't catch top right wing on the glove box liner
When console has been pulled back and up over shifter shaft, unplug remaining
electrical connectors
Remove console
Congratulations, you are done
Install in reverse order

Thom Ross
86.5 928S

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