Gold Wheel Finish Touchup

Gold Wheel Finish Touchup

>My car is a '81 928 S with stock wheels. They have a rather dull, golden
>finish that don't go well with the silver metallic color of the rest of the
>car. I have noticed in pictures found on the net that the finish of the
>wheels vary wery much. I am thinking about polishing my wheels, or maybe
>painting them? Is there anyone on the list who has done this and could give
>me some instructions?

I have the golden wheels on my car and they where in good condition but dull, In the owners manual it said to rub vaseline into the surface - I had never heard of this treatment but thought if Porsche recomend this it shouldn't do any harm! Well I was amazed. The surface came up with a lovely sheen - not a chrome shine but a lovely satin like sheen that suits the style of the car and wheels verywell

Rex McIntosh

'81 982 S Euro GPWhite

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