Fluid Leak

Fluid Leak

I have a manual trans. '81 928. I noticed that my brake fluid was low today after the warning light lit blinking. It was about a 1/2" below the max line. I think I saw some fresh oil around the reservoir area and also around where a line connects to the the upper fire wall (secured by two nuts). Will anyone give me advice on what I am looking at?
Any input will help.

I suggest looking at the clutch master and slave cylinders. The clutch and brake system use the same reservoir. The master cylinder is located above the clutch pedal and leaks into the footwell ruining carpet, shoes, etc.

Paul Black
'79 928 5spd Hellblaumetallic (WIP)

The problem of which you speak could be a problem with the front seals in the brake master cylinder. I rebuilt mine with a kit from Zimms (~$60). There are front seals that keep the vacuum booster from sucking the fluid out of the brake reservoir. Mine were done and so my booster was full the the brim. It suprised the me how much fluid was in there. My brakes were working fine through all of this. I had actually removed the brake parts to get at the clutch master and had not expected to have a damaged brake MC.

Could be something to look at.

Jay F. Kempf
79 US 5 speed silbermetallische

I had a similar problem with my 82 5-speed. It turned out to be the two
rubber seals which connect the reservoir to the Master Cylinder. The
reservoir can be removed by disconnecting the sensor and pulling the tank
straight up. I think the seals are about $2 a piece. I hope this helps
you out.

Todd Butcher
82 928 5-Speed Platenmetallic/Tan

Same problem here. Try the easy fix first - replace both of the reservoir grommets. Simply disconnect the sensor plug and pull the reservoir staight up (catching any residual brake fluid -it is murder on your paint job). Seat the new grommets carefully and reinstall the reservoir, then refill. If done properly there is no need to bleed the system.

Call 928 International (714) 632-9288. A couple bucks each and Jim or Tom will get them to you in two days or sooner.

Randy Venier
San Diego, CA

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