Rear Hatch is Squeeky

Rear Hatch is Squeeky

I had an annoying squeak coming from the back of the car. Adjusting the rubber bumpers didn't fix it. After discussing the problem with the guys at 928 International (Jim), found out that the lid is supposed to have a stick-on piece of vinyl on each side that mates up with the adjustable rubber bumpers that are mounted on the body side. My car was missing a vinyl sticker on one side. Problem solved.

Gil Solorio

My solution to this problem was to replaced the plastic latch in the rear hatch locking mechanism. I tried all the other suggestions and finally stuffed a folded tissue down the lock. after a few days I realised that I had not heard the squeak for a while. It did come back, but only after the tissue had worn through. This plastic piece , for my model, only cost $4 so Porsche must have known it would fail.
'81 euroS

Replacing my rear hatch "shocks" solved the problem for me. I also cleaned and lubed the shock attachment points and then realized they might have been responsible for the noises.
+Greg Nichols

I too have been noticing a squeaking from the hatch lately. Today, spurned on by some of these posts, I looked over the hatch lock assembly. I decided it could use a cleaning and lube, so I got into it. As I was digging into the hatch socket with lube and a rag and compressing the spring, I saw and felt the assembly move slightly under the pressure. It is something you probably wouldn't notice unless you were deliberately shaking or cleaning it, so if you have a squeaky hatch, check these allen bolts on both plates. A few quick turns on the allen bolts and, as they say, voila! I finished cleaning and lubing all the pads and strut connections as well, even put dressing on the rubber seals.

A very easy fix indeed!

Marc White

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