Power Antenna does not Retract Fully

Power Antenna does not Retract Fully

This a very simple tip for Sharks with antennas that do not fully retract. I own a 83 928s.

My power antenna was not fully retracting. After removing it and opening the housing I found out that the antenna has an inner plastic core that has striae. This core is pressed by a spring-loaded roller against a pulley, also with striae, that coils the antenna into a spool. After 15+ years of use the striae have worn out at the plastic core section closest to the tip of the antenna. At this section friction is needed the most to counteract the resistance to coil the last section of core. To repair the antenna I just simply cut "scales" into the plastic so that pulley can push the core down. Be sure to cut the scales in the right way to get most of the friction in the retracting direction. I also cleaned all the mechanism, housing and drain. As I mentioned above, this is a simple procedure that saves $30-40.

Diego Yankelevich

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