My First Autocross

My First Autocross

Boy am I hooked now.....

My first AX was everything that Ed and Phil said it would be and more!! Thanks guys! I did what you said Ed and found a large parking lot and did some circling, noting where the chalk was scrubbed and found it to be correct at the current pressure setting. (measured cold at 32psi at all four corners) Hmm.... what about Ed's recommendations? Well I figured that he was correct but I decided to start out with the pressure settings at 32psi. I figured I would try a few practice runs at 32psi and then try 44 etc. Well....that was the plan anyway.....When I got to the track I was so excited seeing the other cars and asking questions and all that there was no time to inflate all four w/my wimpy little compressor. I was so impatient I just dove right into the practice running. Three different Instructors rode with me and someone called me "Anyway Wally" because although I didn't hit any cones ALL DAY, I went through a few of the gates sideways and completely spun out 3 times during practice. I think that's why the first instructor got out and asked the second to go with me. The next instructor said she heard I was fast but I can only imagine that the first guy didn't enjoy my overzealous, or should I say, reckless driving. I heard comments like " You don't have enough tire to drive like you want to", " You have a torque problem.... too much torque....your engine is breaking you loose when you lift but you are going too fast anyway", "Your car is really saving you...... (I really loved that one) I don't know how you saved that .......but it worked " Anyway the next two instructors told me to slow down and told me I was now "in the ballpark".....ok after about ten more laps I had to stop (they made us take a break for lunch) DARNIT!

OK so we eat lunch and I'm wondering what the competitive course will be like. All I can find out is it is longer and faster. We get one parade lap after lunch and it is time to race. Well the course was so long it was just a blur to me. First run..... cones, cones and more cones ....did I do it right? I was really getting to know that practice course so well. Second run 1 second faster....yeah...I really know that first part now.
Somebody makes a comment about how hard it must be to drive that car around the course. (I'm the only 928) Third run ....I'm a wildman....first I got it....I got it...I don't got it...OH NO...calm down! Keep GOING! OH no! Which way am I pointed? Full lock fish tale through the gate....4 seconds slower....
Oh well......... today was just a learning day,


Wally Chernoch
F-stock...first place

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