Replacing Body Seals / Removing Mirrors

Replacing Body Seals / Removing Mirrors

I want to replace the exterior mirror seals, and rear bumper cover seals. Does anyone have procedures?

I already know that with the mirrors: Pry mirror glass off backing plate with a putty knife. Remove bolts, and wire connectors. Next, I do not know if I can remove the entire mirror and seals without going from the inside of the car, e.g., remove the door panel to reveal final bolts, or just keep disassembling from the outside. Any experience here?

With the rear bumper cover: I assume that you open the rear hatch, and remove the metal trim strip that traces the rearmost area of the hatch seal. That should reveal bolts beneath? Do I have to remove the fender liners to reveal bolts?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thom Ross
86.5 928S


You can remove mirror without going inside the cabin. However, you will need a special tool (found mine at an electronics supply house) to remove individual wires out of the plug connector folded into the mirror housing. That plug will not fit through the opening in the mirror mount. I supposed you could remove mirror, motor, and mirror housing (four screws) from the mount and slip the new seal over and onto position? On the other hand, it is probably better to pull the wires out of the socket so the whole mirror assembly can be removed. (Do I sound like Mr. Kimble on Green Acres here?)


For rear cover, remove the trip strip as you stated. You have to decide how thoroughly you want the new seal replaced. The original is stapled to the rear cover to keep it in place. Assuming you want to keep everything stable and permanent, you'll have to completely remove the cover at this point rather than just squeeze the new seal in place hoping it won't shift. Besides, you gotta remove the old one.

To do this:
1. Disconnect tail light umbilical cables from inside car.
2. Disconnect license light.
3. Remove driver side rearmost wheel well cover (that protects the radio antenna)
4. Remove small nuts (4mm?) attaching the rear cover to the rear quarters.
5. Remove old seal
6. Install new seal
7. Put everything back together
8. Inspect work and marvel at the improved appearance.

Have fun!

JP Rodkey
79 Euro


Another way to remove the mirror:
Dismantle until you reach the electrical plug. Label the wires.
Remove wires & pins from plug using a special tool which can ve purchased from an electronics supply store.

Pin extraction tool is AMP Tool Part # 305183, this is the handiest little tool I have every owned
(thanks Wally).

It will not only make removing the wires from the mirror connector a snap, but also the hood connectors for the heated washers / hood light and many other connectors on your 928.

A must have for the 928 "Do-it-yourselfer" !!

David Roberts

Here is a web page if anyone needs to run out and buy one of those AMP tools. It looks like a small barrel with two hollow ends that slide over the pins if I remember correctly.

Go to the very bottom of page


Howdy all,
Just so ya' know what to ask for....
The connector in question is know as a "Molex" pin connector.
So, if you go into an electronics repair or supply store and ask for a
Molex pin extractor and the guy just looks at you blinking his eyes
("Doink, doink.."), find another store.

Happy Trails,
Dave Shaeffer
1985 S Auto Shieferblau ober Dunkelblau

You too can buy this tool. I contacted MOLEX, they referred me to AMP, they gave me the numbers of suppliers with the tool in stock. I ordered the remover and installer tools. They were about $18 and $16 respectively. AMP tool numbers: 305183, and 91002-1 respectively, Call: Newark (800)463-9275, Allied (800)433-5700, Digikey (800)344-4539. I ordered from Newark. What can I say? A couple of great tools make me kinda' misty eyed. My regards to you Tom. Ingenuity such as yours also raises my pulse. See below.

Have Fun,
Thom Ross

A follow up to my post a while ago asking about removing a 928 mirror. Thanks to all who responded.

You can buy the tool from Digi-Key (http://www.digikey.com/). DR provided the AMP part# as #305183 contact extraction tool. It's Digi-Key part# A1329-ND and lists for $16.80 (plus shipping & $4 for mininum order). There is probably also one from Radio Shack/Tech America but I couldn't get enough info to be certain enough to order. The AMP tool works magnificently.

Thanks for info,
'87 S4 5sp

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