Autocross Equipment Recommendations

Autocross Equipment Recommendations

> Headed for my second AX this weekend and I would like to make some numbers
> for the side of the car. What do you guys use? Since the doors are
> aluminum, magnetic won't work. What could I use to make the numbers out of
> and then how do you apply them temporarily without surface damage?
> Suggestions? Also, I believe I will finish off my tires with two days of AX
> so what tires do you guys recommend for the standard 16 inch flat rims. This
> set would be for daily driving. Then , what do you recommend for track
> wheels and tires. I want them to be good for AX and Sebring. Should I get
> the biggest wheels and tires that will fit? What sizes would that be?
> Wally Chernoch
> 86.5 928Sweetheart auto

Dear Wally:I use numbers that have a sticky backing. They're from
"SoloTime"(316.683.3803). They advertize in Panorama.

As you seem to live in an area where "snow" is not likely to be a problem, I suggest that you get some good high performance tires. Kim Crumb uses Michelin Pilots and thinks they are the best. Bridgestone SO2s have been rated highly as well. Cheaper, but still pretty good are the BFG Comp TA Z3 tires. For more tire info, go to the Tire Rack Web site (

For wheels, there are as many types and brands as there are variations of the 928. As I do a bit of Driver's Ed/Track events, and a full season of autocross, two years ago, I opted for a set of OEM 993 Cup Wheels from Wheel Enhancement. (They can recommend the wheel and tire sizes to work on
your 86.5.) My 86.5 in front rides on 235/45 on 8"x17" with a 70mm offset, and 255/40 on 9"x17" with a 55mm offset in the rear. Other combinations can work. With the perfect offset the 86.5 928 can be shod with 9" wide wheels up front and 10" in the rear, and perhaps even more. Robert Wood at Wheel Enhancement would know for sure. Also, Mark Anderson of 928 International and Dave Roberts of 928 Specialists could assist in wheel and tire size selection.

Good luck in your search, and merry motoring, Ed.

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