Sunroof Adjustment

Sunroof Adjustment

I have a problem with the back edge of my sunroof not closing tightly. Can anyone out there help?

Ian 89S4

With the sunroof almost closed, disengage the liner from the front of the inside of the sunroof and slide it back. You will see an adjustment on both rear sides of the roof. My 83 had that problem and all I had to was hold the rear of the sunroof up in position while the screws were tightened.

Good Luck,
Don Burrows
87 S4 A/T

After numerous attempts and two "take it off, lube and remount sessions", I finally was able to fix my sunroof that never seemed to have enough "oomph" to close itself all the way without a little manual help. Under (actually, above) the sunroof motor cover lies the motor and gearbox that drives the sunroof fore and aft. There's a circular unit attached to the motor that acts as a transmission, in the middle of which is a brass screw. By tightening it slightly, the sunroof now closes completely and more quickly. The screw must tighten a "clutch", applying more force to the drive mechanism.

At any rate, I just wanted pass this along to anyone who seems to have everything else in working order with the system, but whose sunroof seems just a little tired.

Don Davis

I had a leak in my sunroof. I've removed the liner and readjusted it front to back. However, I can't figure out how to adjust the front part up and down (I did adjust the back) Also, do you recommend I replace the

I guess it's time to invest in a set of shop manuals....

Bob Vollowitz
'93 GTS Midnight Blue

All sunroofs leak (a little, at least). The key thing is that the drains should take care of that leakage. There are four of them on the 928, two in front that go down to the bottom of the car, two in back that go back to the rear hatch. Make sure that all the drains are clear (I use Weed-Whacker cord) and the interior drips will go away.

-John White-
'85 928 S

In the black rail that the painted sunroof panel attaches to, you should find two holes with screw heads visible through them. The holes are located toward the outer edges of the rail.

Loosen the bolts that are in front of and behind the holes.

Turn the screws through the holes to adjust the front height up or down. Couterclockwise should raise the front edge of the roof; clockwise lowers it. If you look carefully, you'll see that the screws you're turning are actually attached to hinges mounted on the painted sunroof panel. Those hinges are bolted to the black rail. Turning the screws changes the height of the panel by opening or closing the hinge.

Once the height is correct, snug down the bolts in front of and in back of the holes and reassemble the liner.

>Also, do you recommend I replace the weather-stripping?

To make the adjustments above, you won't have to take the painted panel out of the car, so this may not be the best time to replace them.

>I guess it's time to invest in a set of shop manuals....

They're actually suprisingly clear about the sunroof.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec) 59K miles
'88 928 S4 5-speed 112K miles
Hill Country Region PCA (Austin)

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