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Rear Shift Coupling Rebuild

Rear Shift Coupling Rebuild

I just did this with the coupler "in car", and it made a tremendous difference in the shift feel.

I was surprised (and dismayed) to hear someone mention a set screw that holds the coupler to the input shaft. I looked mine over VERY carefully and could see a location where I would suspect the fastener, but no visible evidence of one being there. I get the sneaking suspicion that a previous "mechanic" sheared something off.

Anyhow, I digress. Access to the coupler is good from beneath the car. You won't need to remove anything to get to it.

Put the car in 2nd or 3rd, release the fastener at the front of the coupler and then move the shifter back into 1st to disconnect the shaft from the coupler. Undo your set screw, and pull the coupler off. Removing the pressed pin requires some form of press/clamp. Make sure you support the coupler firmly when driving the pin out. DON'T hammer it out as you may break the coupler. Bushings from a 911 work in the coupler, and are inexpensive. Use a molybdenum or lithium grease for reassembly, and press the pin back in. Be cautious to not damage the bushings as you replace the pin. Slip your coupler back on the shaft, relocate it to the set-pin hole, and snug down. Slip the shift linkage back onto the coupler, and then from inside the car, position your gearshift where YOU want the lever to be in whatever gear you left the car in. This is a real good opportunity to move the pattern to the left or right as much as you feel comfortable with. From beneath the car, make sure the shaft is bottomed out against the coupler, and then tighten the clamp. Slide your boot back up, and you are done!

This is an easy and rewarding task. Best of luck.

86.5 Indischrot 5-speed

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