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Momo Horn Button Doesn't Work

Momo Horn Button Doesn't Work

>I recently replaced my steering wheel with a Momo one.
>Now my horn doesn't work. Anyone else solved this problem?

I just put a Momo wheel on and had the exact same problem. If you're looking at the base of the Momo hub adapter, measure the radius to the outside edge of the rubber ring (inside the hot contact ring). Let's call that distance "X". Then look down at the stub of the steering column sticking out under the dash and measure the corresponding radius from it to the brush that carries current (or should) to the hot contact ring on the hub adapter (and from there to the horn button via the wire lead). Let's call this distance "Y". Now compare X and Y: "Aha!" you say! X > Y! So the rubber ring is too wide and because it sticks out axially a little more than the hot contact ring it depresses the brush when you tighten it, and the brush cannot contact the ring - no power to the ring, no power to the wire lead (and none to the horn button). What I did was to carefully grind away a bit of the outside radius of the rubber ring all along its circumference until X slightly < Y so that the brush now contacts the ring. Now it works perfectly. Be a little careful to avoid turning the ring when you do this, as it may pull some of the wire lead down into the hub. Good luck!

Tim Westby
86.5 928S indischrot

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