Sunroof Stuck Open

Sunroof Stuck Open

> My sunroof stuck in the open position. I removed the cover and disconnected
> the power going to sunroof motor. I get 12 volts when the switch is
> depressed to open, but only 3 volts when the switch is depressed to close.
> I applied 12 volts directly to the motor, and the roof closed fine.
> Is there a relay in the system, or is this just a bad switch?
> How do you get to the switch to remove / replace ?
> Any help is appreciated.
> '87 S4

I had this happen yesterday. I reversed polarity at the motor and closed the roof. I ordered a new switch from 928 Specialists, too.


Kevin Berez (kaberez@mindspring.com)
'86.5 928S Auto Meteormetallic

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