Lock Removal

Lock Removal

Unfortunately, I found this out the hard way. After ruining the two rear wheels trying to remove the destroyed locks I spoke to the Snap-On guy. He gave me a very nice socket type tool that has reverse threads. You spin it over the lock, it threads over the lock and backs the lock off the stud as it spins itself on. Since they were aluminum, it just molded itself into the socket....so I needed two so I could get it done without messing around getting the spent lock out of the socket. I'm not sure what the tool price was as it didn't really matter at the time but I definetely recommend it. I'm going to have a much more difficult time selling two wheels than four. Hope this helps someone out. Thanks to all who helped me out with suggestions on my wheel/tire search as well as setting them up properly.

Aside from the removal disaster...the new cup wheels look very cool. Couldn't be happier. Will post the Yokohama SAO-1 opinion when I get some real time on them.

Paul Esposito
85S 5-speed, Meteormetallic

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