Alarm System Upgrade

Alarm System Upgrade

I work for Directed Electronics Inc, we are the largest vehicle security company in the world with over 5000 dealers in the U.S. alone!! We manufacture Viper, Python & Sidewinder as our premier lines, any of these systems would easily handle your needs at a reasonable price. I have an advantage over a lot of people because I can check with my counter parts from around the country to help you find the most reputable shop in your area that are familiar with our cars!! Drop me an e-mail and let me know where your located so I can find a dealer that you can go and talk to about your car and needs. If you let me know what features your looking for in a security/convenience system I will be more than happy to give you some recommendations.

I'm very familiar with 928 alarm upgrades, I have an 86 myself and I'm a Regional Sales Manager for a vehicle security company. If you want to do it yourself let me know and I can fax you a print out of the wires needed to install your alarm and it also shows the location of these wires. On my car (it's an automatic) I have an alarm with keyless, remote start, window modules that puts the windows up, down and vents them, it has a dual zone field disturbance sensor (radar - so if the windows are left down I can have it put the windows up if some comes to close to the car, it also has two pain generator sirens in the vehicle that sound at 140db inside the vehicle if someone triggers the alarm. If anybody else out there needs help with an after market security system feel free to e-mail me.

Al Fontane
Regional Sales Manager
Directed Electronics Inc.
Office:(800) 876-0800 x7201
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Pager:(800) 946-4646 pin# 5962104

Al Fontane
86 928s A/T
Prussian Blue Metallic
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