Window Tinting

Window Tinting

>Does anyone know of a reputable and high-quality shop that can tint the
>windows on my S4? The car is black and with summer nigh, turns into an oven
>in the sun. I want them tinted, however I want someone that isn't going to
>give me a handful of "extra" hardware from my doors when they return the car
>and that uses a high quality film. I have heard that 3M is one of the
>better ones; comments?

3M is the best window tint to use. I can't help you out on the shop, but where ever you go - DO NOT let them tell you that the rear quarter windows can't be done in one piece. Any experienced shop can do it - I had mine done with one piece of tint and never had problems with peeling, bubbling, etc. in the 7 years it was on the car. The line in the middle of the window looks like crap IMO. And when they do your rear window it should take 3 pieces. Make sure they cut and connect the pieces on one of your rear defrost lines. It will look so much better.

Brian E. Buxton

I had my tinting done in Columbus, OH. by Ziebart Tidy Car a couple years ago. Yes, they did use 3M tint. Anyway, I had the back side windows and the complete rear window done in 1 piece. The tint job looks great.

Peter Norman
86' 928S Guards Red/Black Auto.

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