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Console Gear Indicator Illumination

Console Gear Indicator Illumination

Are the shift indicators to the left of the shifter supposed to illuminate? If so, how much of a headache to change bulb. I forgot all about it until my dad drove the car at night, and I had to direct him to the shift lights in the instrument cluster. Thanks for any help.

Alan Jones
87 s4 Black/Tan

Only cars from 78-86 had an illuminated indicator. There is an easy way to make the gear shift indicator light up in the newer 928's. Simply order the original factory bracket, wiring harness with lamp sockets and retaining clips used on the 78-86 928s. Total cost for all new parts is less than $20 and plugs right into the existing connectors at your ash tray or clock light and takes about 1-2 minutes to install without even removing the console or modifing your 928 in any way.

David Roberts

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