Horn Testing and Adjustment

Horn Testing and Adjustment

>Something I keep forgetting to ask about - my horn isn't working. It will
>sometimes make a very weak honking noise, but most of the time does
>essentially nothing at all.

Easy check/fix. The horns are located behind the passenger front wheel shield. You'll find the wire connectors easy to get to for cleaning. As usual, brown wire is ground - but remove and clean all wires and connectors. Connect a jumper wire directly off +12V service terminal in engine bay to a positive horn terminal. If you want, you can isolate each horn by leaving the pos terminal disconnected from one of the horns. If you don't get proper sound, look for the adjustment screw near the electrical terminals on each horn. I think it's 6mm. Leaving your jumper connected, turn the screw until you get clean sound. Replace wiring and check for operation at the steering wheel.

Be sure to wear goggles and ear plugs for safety! :)

JP Rodkey
79 Euro

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