Front Fender Removal

Front Fender Removal

Here's how it went on my '80:

You will have to remove both front and rear shields then the cruise control unit and possibly the vac reservoir, there are 3 bolts way in back @ the firewall,1 outside along rocker area, 6 very small nuts coming thru from the front bumper cover and 2 bolts in the lower front straight up into the braces there.

I had to move the lights up & down manually to get to the nuts in the front - these will be the fun ones. I removed my front bumper 1st but I don't know if this is a must. The strip under the leading edge of hood should probably come off just for flexibility.

The front of the fender "L" is under the bumper cover on the top so you will need pull out & up from rear as you remove the fender.

One last thing, the rear inner part is held/sealed to the firewall with some really stringy sticky black goo that will take a firm steady pull.

Hope this helps,
Jim Viglietta
'80 a/t

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