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Leaky A/C

Leaky A/C

> My 83 a/c won't hold a charge. Griffith's Technical sells an R134
>conversion kit for like $750 which has everything in the a/c system
>(right?). On the one hand it would be nice to only replace the lines or
>whatever is leaking however I would like it fixed and not have to screw
>with it again (anytime soon at least).

While there are certainly other opportunities for an A/C system to leak, the most common problem is the o-ring seals thruout the system. The lines, fittings, etc., on the 928 are sealed by an o-ring at every joint, rather than the more common metal-to-metal seal. The o-rings get old and hard from high temps and oil soaking. It is time-consuming, but usually worthwhile, to just replace every o-ring in the system, clean the expansion valve screen (or change the expansion valve), change the receiver-dryer, vacuum and charge it with R-12.

Be sure to use the latest material green o-rings.


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