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Ball Joint Info

Ball Joint Info

Looks like my front end clunk is probably the lower ball joint. I say this after noticing some grease escaping the rubber boot yesterday as I replaced my brake pads. What's involved in replacing the lower ball joint? Should I replace other parts as well? I was thinking that I might as well replace upper and lower ball joints and bushings. too.


Kevin Berez (

If grease is leaking out you may only have a torn boot, but if there is relative movement, the n the joint needs replacement. If one is bad, assume the other will soon follow, so replace them both. The upper joint should be fine so long as the boot is not torn. Even if it is, the boot can be replaced for about $12, as it's also an "Audi 5000S" part. However, it there is relative movement, the same is true as before. Some times the upper joint can be tightened, but be ready to replace it if needed. Unlike the lower joints, I would only replace one and leave the good one alone.

BTW, if a lower joint is replaced or moved, then the car will need to be realigned.

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