Current Draw Measurements

Current Draw Measurements

When I first got my 86.5, I left my hatch open for several days. Unfortunately, I can't remember if it was 3 days or 2 weeks. I had taken the precaution of turning off all the interior lights. However, my battery still drained to the point that I could not start the car. When I asked my mechanic about it, he said that the little door-mounted safety lights (the red ones people see on the door when you open it) come on whenever the hatch is opened....

Carlos Hernandez
86.5 928S 5-speed
Gran Prix White / Black Leather

Hatch closed, current draw 38 ma,
hatch open, interior lights off current draw 238 ma.

Large difference,

89 S4

On my car, there's a little two-pin connector (for the "hatch open" switch) a few inches below the hatch release motor that's easy to disconnect when I want to leave the hatch open for extended periods of time. Assuming your car has the same thing, you might want to locate it (it might be hidden under the tool kit) and use it when appropriate.
Ed Scherer
'90 928S4

Ed, you're talking about the white clip with the brown and brown/white stripe wires, right? If so, just figured I'd add a little description. My rear hatch switch wasn't working (I think the hatch may not have been closing far enough to trigger it?), so I have mine disconnected right now. If I open the hatch and decide I need light in there, I can turn that hatch light to the "always on" position.

86 5spd

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