Starter Ground Point

Starter Ground Point

The starter ground is located, believe it or not, in the spare wheel well. I'd pull the spare and the black plastic cover to access the two white connectors. Clean them and check to see any frayed wires and see if that helps. I suffered the same symtoms, replaced the starter to no avail. With my factory service manuals my mechanic and I traced the ground from the fuse panel back to one of the connectors. I resoldered the connecting wires and got the 12 volts required to actuate the starter. Another symptom was the loss of PRND32 lights in the instruments and a boundey speedy. All cured now.

Good luck


And that is thanks to all the help you have lended. Turned out I had a bad battery ground connection to the body. The inconsistent symptoms and coincidences with relays and such were misleading to me. Shark starts every time now. Also shift selector indicator lights are back.

86.5 auto Indischrot

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