Calipers Dragging

Calipers Dragging

My front brake calipers sometimes drag.
1--is there an easy way to tell if its my calipers sticking, or the rubber brake hose that might be
partially collapsed? BTW my MC and booster are new, rotors and pads in good shape.

2--any thoughts on rebuilding vs. replacing? I bought a couple of rebuild kits from Automotion at
their 'merge' sale, but don't want to waste time if it's not going to work.


Catch it sticking and loosen a bleed screw. If fluid squirts out and the caliper releases, you have a collapsed hose. If no fluid squirts out and the caliper doesn't release, the caliper is sticking.

Properly rebuilt should be as good as new. You need to always check prices, though. I have seen rebuilt master cylinders that were very little more expensive than rebuild kits. Not usually true of calipers, but check anyway on new, rebuilt and kits.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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