Fuel Pump Relay Testing

Fuel Pump Relay Testing

Every 928 owner is REQUIRED to own a 12 volt tester.

1) Check for 12 volts at terminal 30 of relay XX. If you have 12 volts, insert a jumper to terminal 87. (Note - It is a very good idea to have this jumper in the glove box at all times.)

2) Remove fuse #42, twist the legs very slightly, and reinsert. Check the pump.

3) If the pump doesn't run, check for 12 volts on both of the tiny dots on the end of fuse #42. If you have no power on fuse #42, there is a problem behind the central power panel.

4) If you have power on fuse #42, but no pump noise, remove the cover under the rear bumper cover, and check for 12 volts on the red/green wire. If you have power on the red/green wire, check for ground on the brown wire. If you have 12 volts and ground on the pump and it doesn't run, replace the pump. I doubt that both pumps died at the same instant, so you probably have a power problem.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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