Headliner Removal

Headliner Removal

So its all loose except the area surrounding the sunroof, i've looked in
the manuals but no luck there.

Do have to remove the sunroof ???

If anyone has any hints it would be much appreciated.


87S4 5 speed

Unless I am incredibly stupid, I could find no way of removing the headliner without removing the sunroof tracks. There are a lot of small screws that are very easy to loose. The sunroof portion of the headlined has a plastic retaining ring that is wrapped with material and then the material is pulled up through the hole in the roof and secured with glue. The sunroof tracks are then installed holding the material in place. The headliner is not actually attached to the plastic ring but has a grove where the plastic rings fits. I could see no way of shifting the headliner so as to free it from the ring.

My personal opinion is this is a stupid way to do things - or like I said I am really missing something. Maybe Jim has an answer.

My solution was to take a utility knife and to cut right along the very edge of the sunroof track. Done carefully the material will separate neatly without damaging the plastic retaining ring. By cutting close there is enough material to reinstall the headliner with a little contact cement. This avoided both removing the sunroof and destroying the plastic retainer ring.

Hope this helps.

Dan The Pod Guy

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