Cruise Amplifier Rebuild Service

Cruise Amplifier Rebuild Service

> I was reading about you on the 928 Porschefans list lately. My 1981 928
> does not properly hold a setting. It accelerates fine when the lever is
> held forward but when released, it drops about 2-3 mph and then
> accelerates up 2-3 mph for a spread of about 6 mph and undulates like
> this...64...70...64...70 etc.
> From what I have read it sounds like you can help me fix this (assuming
> module is somehow bad). Most all of the vacuum lines have been
> replaced, the car runs fine, HVAC system operates properly so I think
> it's time for me to get it to you.

We can rebuild your cruise amplifier for $159. Send amp in to us at address below - we take Visa/Mc or enclose a check for $159 plus $9 return shipping and we will rebuild it. Takes about 10 days . . . Regards,
George Murphy 423-482-9175 9am to 5pm ET (Voice) Fax anytime
Performance Analysis Co. 1345 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite 258 Oak Ridge, TN 37830 USA


The cruise control on my '85 stopped working about two years ago. It suffered from the standard failure symptoms (i.e. speed up, slow down, speed up, slow down, etc.) And then it stopped working. I followed the diagnostic procedure in the WSM and it was in fact the amplifier, or brain that had failed. The other week I was browsing e-bay and came across a listing I hadn't seen which was for a place in TN that would rebuild/repair it for $89 (and they do cover the return shipping from that fee.) Anyone with an inoperative cruise control has probably seen the prices that 928 International charges for a rebuilt brain. If you haven't checked, they charge about $400, and they'll also tack on a core fee of around $100 until you send yours in.

I'm all for supporting the vendors because they can get the parts that keep us running. But at the same time, I'm all about saving some money when I can.

The company's website is www.autoecu.com
They're located in TN. The $89 price is available through their ebay listing. To find the listing, you go to their website, click on "active listings" and that will take you to their page on ebay. Type "porsche" in the search field and that will show you three or four listings. Click on one of the cruise control listings. All of the instructions to send it in are there. There's a link for the form (PDF) that you download and fill out. And you can pay for it with paypal.

This is only for '78 to '87 928s. The later years had a different cruise control set up.

I dropped mine off at the UPS store at around 5PM on a Wednesday, and had it back the following Wednesday. It works great.

One other benefit to doing this is the warranty. That $400 rebuild from 928 International has a one year warranty. This company offers a lifetime warranty on the repair.

Jason Howell

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