Door Panel Removal

Door Panel Removal

> I think one of the window guides on my driver's side window must have
> broken because I hear a clunk when the window reaches the bottom of
> its travel when being lowered. Since I'm going to have to pull the
> panel to check this out, would you post the procedure when you get a chance?

Pry off the door knob cover. I used a small putty knife against the ridge's edge and the plastic button cover. DON'T PRY BEHIND THE KNOB. THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO REMOVE IT! Remove retaining screw and pull out knob. Use your palm to put pressure against the round piece and rotate it counter-clockwise. Remove recessed screw behind door handle. You need to slightly open the door handle to see and access it. Pry off small panel piece close to door handle area and above arm rest. Open arm rest compartment and pry off plastic nut caps and unscrew bolt. Go to hinged-side of door. Remove the circular ventilation plastic piece. There will be a plastic nut caps and bolt; remove it. Lift arm rest assembly off door panel carefully. You'll see a bunch of wires going to the mirror switch assembly. Disconnect it and note the wire color and where it is connected. Pry off panel along side of door and lift it up off the lip on top of panel. I suggest that you get a panel removal tool from your local parts house. Cost about $6 and will prevent you from damaging the door panel. ($$$) I can almost bet that the clunking sound is coming from the window motor assembly not being bolted down. If it is loose, use some blue lock-tite on the bolt along with a locking washer. Just reposition the assembly to its original position; use the scratched paint caused by the bolts as guide. If it is the window guides, then you're into some more serious disassembly.
This is also a good time to inspect/lubricate your door latch and such. Pay particular attention to linkages. The couplers are plastic and subject to wear. By the way, I was told that there is a tech bulletin on the window guides. It has to do with an upgrade that will prevent the rattling of the window glass.

Vince Yu
'83 928S

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