Window Motor Repair

Window Motor Repair

I have had two different window motor problems on my '86S. On one side, the motor windings were not making good contact with the commutator segments on the armature. Carefully scrape the wire next to the bent-over piece, and apply a tiny drop of solder. Do every connection, being careful not to short two together. No cost to fix, takes two hours total. WYAIT, lube & clean everything. The other problem was a little more interesting. I assumed that it would be the same as the drivers side problem, but after I soldered the wires, it still didn't work. A little troubleshooting revealed that the motor has a tiny thermal protection device in the end of the motor. If you are getting power to one connection on the end bell (the molded plastic end of the motor), but not to the brushes, this may be the problem. There is a little black block that is inserted into the end bell. Unsolder it and pry it out. Take a razor knife, and carefully cut around the base to remove the cover. Using very fine sandpaper, clean the contacts, and adjust them so that you get electrical continuity through the contacts. Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly. Again, no cost.

I recently repaired the driver's side window motor. It had been working on and off, until one day when it quit altogether. The repair entailed removing the motor from the gear housing, then spraying its rotor and stator with electrical contact cleaner. After the cleaning fluid drains out clear, I dried it out with compressed air. Before reconnecting it to the gear housing, I applied fresh grease to the worm gear. Now. it all works like new.

Merry motoring. Ed.

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