Pressure Recommendations

Pressure Recommendations

>Porsche lists the S4 tyre pressures as 36 psi front and 43 or 44 psi rear.
>My garage suggests that 43 is too hard for the rear tyres. I'm inclined to go
>with the factory pressures. What experiences have people had with different
>tyres pressures ?

Guys, What we have to remember is that the tire pressures given for S4's by the factory were correct for the tires and knowledge of the day. But in the past 10 years tire compunds have come a long way! 44 is way too high for the rears. I like to use 40r and 36f. This should work much better as well as give a little more tread contact with the road.

For the first four years of ownership, I adhered to the factory recommended pressures for my US version 86.5 928S (in GB it's referred to as an S3). Based on my driving style, I was going through a set of tires every 1.5 to 2 years. The fronts wore out on the edges while the rears wore out in the center. (Part of the problem for the front tires was a not so perfect alignment.) Anyway, I have since (through trial and error) modified the pressures so that I get more even wear all around. (My street wheels are 7"X16" up front and 8"X16" in the rear.) The pressures that seem to be working well for me are 40 psi all around.

Since no two drivers drive the same, and no two 928s are set up exactly the same, I do not recommend this for anyone else. If your tires have uneven wear, you may want to consider first getting a good alignment and then experimenting with the tire pressures.

Merry motoring, Ed.

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