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Delaying Upshifts

Delaying Upshifts

>Are you using just the full throttle kickdown switch or a separate kickdown
>switch mounted somewhere else? If a separate switch, how is it wired and
>where is it placed? My problem when autocrossing is that after I shift to 2nd
>in a faster stretch, I never get back to 1st and it really takes some of the steam
>out of slow corners.

I wired another switch in parallel with the kickdown switch. I bought it at Radio Shack for about $5. I drilled a mounting hole for it on the left side of the dead pedal. With it, the car will hold 1st until 5750 rpm then shift up to 2nd. It will come back to 1st if the reves allow. Basically, I can do any autocross without having to concern myself about being in the right gear. If I ever get to do an autocross that requires 3rd, I can put the car in 3rd and it will perform the same as mentioned above but with 3rd gear as the upper limit. It will even work while in Drive, although I'd have to be going 135 mph to force a shift to 4th. I'm still looking for a lot that will let me do that!

The switch is an on/off type. Since I left foot brake, I prefer this arrangement. I engage the switch before I get on the course, and switch it off after I'm done.

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