Fuel Injector Rebuild Service

Fuel Injector Rebuild Service

I am about to send my set of injectors to "Marren Motor Sports" located in CT. They have a web site where they mention what they do (www.injector.com). I've heard good things from several Porsche owners that have used their services. The price to refurbish is about $25 per injector. They say they can do the job in a couple of days. (Minimum down time on the shark.)
-Ed Ruiz

Many have suggested Marren MotorSports for injector service. I was about to use them too except I stumbled upon B&D Full Injection Service in Temple Hills MD, just outside of Washington DC (last week in fact) They did my injectors for 12.50 ea (half the price of Marren) while I waited!!!!!

They were/are listed in the DC area Yellow pages as a turbo rebuild shop. (they are cleaning up the turbo for my 951). B&D Website

They have got all the injector clean/test equipment.

I've got nothing against Marren, but for some reason half-price always appeals to me.

It is also nice to be able to get them done while you wait. Four injectors (from my 951) took them about 20 minutes.

They also took me on a tour through their turbo-shop wonderland. Had a turbo off a tank in for service---strap that on the turbo , yea buddy!!


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