Noisy Engine Mounts

Noisy Engine Mounts

> Basically between 1250rpm and 1500rpm I get a definite vibration. Difficult
> to say whether it is engine or mechanical in nature. This is most
> noticeable in 1st gear (AUTO), but can be felt in 2nd as well. The problem
> is that once moving the revs seldom go this low. Otherwise the car is 100%.

If it can be felt in neutral, try this. Get a small scissors jack, and a piece of about 1 inch timber, about 6 inches square, (not at all critical). Jack up the engine under the sump,just enough to take weight off the engine mountings. Say half an inch maximum. Then run the engine again. If the vibration has all but disappeared, it's the notorious viscous engine mountings. The ones on my wifes car need changing, and the above is how I satisfied myself as to the vibrations origin,before parting with money. They are a bit involved to change,one needs to remove the steering rack and X-member to get to them. About half a day to do both.

I recently had my engine mounts replaced. I was surprised by the reduction in vibration, apparent from the moment I started the engine.

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