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Loose Gearstick

Loose Gearstick

> My 5 speed 928 has lost its gearstick gate control... The gear stick
> just pulls to the right and does not stay in the selected position. I
> can still select the gears but the stick pulls off to the right all the time.

Sounds to me like either the springs in your shifter failed or the plastic shifter cup is totally worn, though I'm surprised you can still select gears! This may be only temporary though. If you completely loose that control and the shifter just flops around it's definately the cup. Pop the base of your shifter boot off and take a look inside for the springs. Go to the dealer and get a cup now, you'll need it eventually anyways. It's around $40 or so. It lives on the top of the forward most part of the torque tube. See the FAQ for service info. I'll add a tip that others have also employed, to use a series of hose clamps to aid install of the new part. Just ask when you get to that part, it will become obvious...

Matter of fact, all you manual shift owners that use the car fairly daily should probably get new cups by now too. If you schedule with fluid changes etc. (car already on lift) that will help. Replacing the O2 sensor is the toss up question.

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