Removing Brake Pad Sensors

Removing Brake Pad Sensors

> Soooo, back to the original question: Is there a 'best' way to get the
> sensors out? Or do your sensors leap out of the slots in the pads of
> there own accord? :)

The only safe answer here is "it depends." If you can simply pull the sensors out on their own accord, say whew and continue the brake job. If not, undo the retainers, springs, unplug the loop and pull out both pads. I think I will start saving at least a pair of sensor wires, it would be a shame to be deep into changing brakes and have a wire pull off or something with no replacement on hand!

On my setup (S4), I could not get the outboards sensors out either; however, the inboards came out pretty easily. Pulling the little metal clips with needle nose pliers looks to be the only way. I had to pull the pads out and try to work the parts apart, which they just broke all to heck. I think the key is to not let the pads get to the point of hitting the sensor, but then why have a sensor. This was for the rear brakes, and I ended up replacing the sensors for about $22/each. I ordered the brake parts for the fronts to work on them next week, and went ahead and ordered two new sensors for the front. Figured I was just going to bust those too. Maybe there is a trick not mentioned yet, but it looks like there is only
one way to do it. Either they come out smooth, or they come out the hard way.

Once I got the outboard pad out I used an old toothbrush to brush away the embedded brake dust in the space between the slot and the sensor carrier. Once I'd done that I used a Jeweler's screwdriver to gently push the carrier out of the slot. I'd push a little on one side, flip the pad and push on the other side. After a half-dozen or so pushes the carrier would pop-out. In some cases I'd couple that with gentle tugs on the retaining clip to convince it to disengage.

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