Brake Booster Removal

Brake Booster Removal

> On my '79, if I remove the reservoir, unbolt all the brake lines,
> remove the master cylinder for rebuilding, unbolt the four bolts from the
> floorboard and pull out the booster, will it clear the space between the
> fender and the cylinder head? or is a brake booster removal equivalent to
> an engine removal? I know its a dumb question, but somebody please
> reassure me that the brake booster will come out without having to pull the
> motor... pleeeeeeze.
> I'm still in love with it, but at 20 years old I suspect its high time
> I rebuilt the master cylinder and had a look at the diaphragm in the
> booster too. It may be that I better get a new booster. Brakes seem to
> work fine when I drive it around, but I have a dirty brake fluid leak
> dripping off the frame right under the firewall, right under the booster,
> and I just replaced the clutch cylinders, both of em, and the clutch
> pressure line down from the clutch master is dry, so I think its the brake
> booster glooping out the back onto the firewall. Rebuild master cylinder,
> replace booster, no more gloop. I hope.
> reassurance necessary before bolts begin to turn, though....
> Dave Perkins
> '79 928 black/black/goes/stops/leaks

Oh, Man If there was ever a question that I can answer this is the one. BTDT.

You have to put your pedal back together so that you can depress the plunger in the middle of the booster. Make a peice of wood that jambs in between the pedal and the front of your seat to hold the pedal to the floor. Length is critical. Then I used a pair of needle nosed vise grips to grab the pushrod on the engine compartment side. Then it comes right out. You have to loosten the air box so that you can get it out through the little space between the fender and the cylinder head.

I fought with the thing for two weeks till I figured it out with much help from the list. This is not a dumb question, it's one of those Porsche tricks.

If you need more details email direct.

Jay Kempf
79 US 5 speed silber metallische

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