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Steering Rack Boot Replacement

Steering Rack Boot Replacement

> The steering rack boots of my 83 928s are broken so it is
> time for replacement. I heard its a pretty straightforward
> procedure but I would like to hear from a list member that has
> actually done it. I heard that there is a special tool to
> disassemble a ball joint.

I've done it. Both sides. Take a look at what you're about to do. There's no reason to disconnect any ball joints. Simply runout the tie-rods. Unlock the lock nuts on the tie rods and unscrew the rods from the tie rod ends.

>has anyone ever changed their boot for the front right rack and pinion? if
>so, what are some things I should look out for when I take the front
>suspension out?

Don't take the suspension out to replace a steering rack boot.

1) Support the front of the car so that you can work under it SAFELY, and so that the front wheels are hanging free.
2) Have paper and pencil available. Look at the tie rod end, near the wheel. Mark the exact bottom of the tie rod. At that point, carefully count the number of threads showing outside the locking nut, and write it down. Loosen the clamp on the outer (Small) end of the rubber boot, and push it in enough to expose the retaining ridge on the tie rod. Accurately and carefully measure from the face of the locking nut to the ridge on the tie rod that locates the end of the rubber boot. Write this measurement down - it must be very precise!
3) Loosen the lock nut at the tie rod end.
4) Unscrew the tie rod from the tie rod end, and remove the lock nut.
5) Remove the old rubber boot. Clean the rack and rack housing very carefully. More than a tiny bit of transmission fluid in the boot means that you need a new rack, or will very soon.
6) Install the new rubber boot, but don't tighten any clamps.
7) Install the lock nut. Screw the tie rod into the tie rod end.
8) Using the measurements obtained in Step 2, firmly tighten the lock nut at EXACTLY the same location as it was originally, with the mark on the bottom in the same place that it was originally.
9) Remeasure to be sure that the measurements are the same.
10) Install the clamps on the rubber boot.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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