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Water Dripping from A/C

Water Dripping from A/C

>The other day I had my AC on full blast and noticed that under the glove
>compartment on the shelf below, water was dripping down. It seemed to be
>originating from somewhere up underneath the dash on the left side of the
>glove-box. What's going on?

Try this first:
The condensate drip tube may be dirty and clogged. Get under the car and look for a tube coming down from the floor at about the front of the torque tube. Clean it out with flexible wire, weedeater cord, etc.


I had the same problem in two of the last three 928s I have owned. Both were 89s and would drip water on my feet after the AC would run for a while. I had the one in my S4 5 speed repaired. It is a very involved process to fix correctly. The problem is that the plastic evaporator housing actually cracks at the joint where the two halves are joined together. The fix is to remove everything that is in front of you when sitting in the front seats. The pod, console, dash, everything right up to the firewall. While mine was being repaired you could stand in front of the car with the hood open and see in to the back seats. I took pics, I was so impressed. I'm lucky, there is a Porsche tech at the local dealer who really knows 928s
and is extremely meticulous about taking cars apart and putting them back together the exactly same way. Beleive it or not, that is hard to find in some mechanics. The fix is quite simple, after removing the evaporator the housing is repaired/reaealed with hot glue. No problems since. My mechanic's comment when he was through. "If anyone ever goes in there again, they will NEVER know I was there". He also told me that when other customers who had 928s would see my car in pieces and find out why, many of them would remark that they have the same problem. Good luck if anyone attempts the repair themselves. It was way over my head.
*Chuck Zachman

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