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Car Car Tips

>I've got an 86.5 S and am looking for some
>advice on simple techniques to keep it looking good.

For general assistance on caring for your 928 see Larry Reynolds' business web page at http://www.carcareonline.com. The section called "How-to articles" contains a series of good articles for car care. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, try calling them. Larry's real helpful and he usually answers the phone himself.

I've had good luck with using Vinylex cleaning the black rubber pieces. This stuff is from the good folks that make Lexol and it works like magic on vinyl and other plastic/rubber pieces. It's cleaned-up a number of spots where wax has left its ugly mark. It also works really well on the dash, avoiding that slimy film that most products leave; it's more of a satin finish.

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