Drive Train

Drive Shaft Boot Replacement

Drive Shaft Boot Replacement

> I noticed that one of my drive shafts boots is broken which means that
> I've got to change it immediately if I don't want to change the drive
> shaft as well! My question to you is, how is this easiest way. I would
appreciate if someone could point out where I can find the procedure in the
manuals. Is it just to remove the drive shaft from the final gear and pull
it out? Or do I need to assemble more stuff?

The half shaft should be removed. To do so, with a 250# torque wrench or
breaker bar and a cheater, remove the large nut on the wheel hub. 32mm
socket. Next, remove the six allen head bolts from the inner joint. Lower
your exhaust system, lower the inner shaft, pull out the shaft from the
wheel hub, and remove the shaft. Removal of the old boot and replacement of
the new one will be shown in the directions provided by the boot maker.

> Does anyone have any experiance with aftermarket splitted boots that you
> glue together? Should I stay away from them or not?

Yes. Don't use them. They hardly ever seal completely and they are not
*Ed Ruiz

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