Windshield Washer Nozzle Leak

Windshield Washer Nozzle Leak

> Anybody ever had a problem with one of their windshield washer nozzles
>leaking? After driving the car (any distance), I see that the right nozzle
>(91S4) has leaked onto the hood. I didn't see this part in the shop manual
>(will look again) under section 92. I pulled the black cap from under the
>hood, where the fluid lines run, but everything looked connected. Didn't
>want to pull on part without knowing how it was attached. Two electrical
>lines run to the nozzle too? What is that? A few weeks ago I used a small
>stick pin to adjust the nozzles, and don't know if this had anything to do
>with it. Puncture a seal? The one on the left is fine. Any
>recommendations or experiences appreciated.

It sounds like at least one check valve is not seating. There are at least two such valves in the system. (Four, if you have an intensive washer too.) I'd check the condition of these valves and replace as needed. A small stick pin to adjust the nozzles will not do any harm to the system. The electrical wires power the de-icing units in the nozzle heads (I'm not kidding). Next time you visit a local Porsche dealer, ask the parts dept. how much they want for a replacement nozzle. Hold onto your wallet!
*Ed Ruiz

I have the same problem with my 91GT. I had my mechanic/technician at the dealer check it (my other option was a Urology consult) and he said that the jets needed to be replaced. There is supposedly some type of valve in the jets that can freeze up with time. In reference to Rob's question regarding the wires, these are for the washer nozzle defrosters which activate in concert with mirror and rear window defrosters. I have 2 new jets on order, to be installed in the next week or two. In the meantime, I've diconnected the fluid hoses from the connector disk on the right side. This also allowed me to verify that the problem was not from the pump as no fluid collected on the plastic cover under the hood just forward of the windshield. Rob is correct in noting that this is not covered in the workshop manuals. I will try to watch my mechanic replace the jets. If I do, I'll post the procedure if nobody else has by then.

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