Door Panel Removal, 1989

Door Panel Removal, 1989

Coincidently, I just completed this same repair this weekend on my passenger door.

1. Remove the center cap of the round door lock release mechansism & remove the screw holding the knob. Unscrew the round trim piece. Remove the trim around the door release handle.

2. Remove the rectangular door panel in the center of the door, just above the armrest. The top is held in by two snaps. Pull or pry the top edge out away from the door to release them. Lift up the panel to disengage the two spring clips at the bottom edge.

3. Open the armrest compartment door. There are two bolts in there covered with small trim caps. Remove remove.

4. Remove the heater vent trim ring in the door. Remove the screw inside.

5. Disconnect any switches in the armrest. Remove the three screws remaining that hold the armrest and remove the armrest.

6. Remove any remaining screws holding the panel to the door. The panel is held in place by snaps around its perimeter. Pull out on the panel edges to unsnap them. The panel should be free but will be held in by a small bracket near the lock button. Swing the front of the panel away from door to disengage.

7. On my car ('89) remove the trim piece surrounding the tube where the wires enter the door. On earlier models, (no kidding according to the manuals, ) you will need to hacksaw a slot in the panel (once it is completely separated from the door), to slip out the wires.

8. Disconnect any speaker wires etc.

I used Duco contact cement to re-attach my vinyl.
While I was in there, I re-greased the window guides and sprayed lithium grease on anything that moved.

Now help me:
I noticed that the bracket on the car frame holding the lever that props the door fully open was loose so I tried to tighten it. It appears to be a non-standard bolt as it would not accept either hex or torx drive. Does anyone know what type of drive to use?
*P. McGinnis; 89 S4 5 speed

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