Window Rattle

Window Rattle

> My 85 has loose windows unless all the way up, which is
> particularly annoying when closing the door with the window partially down..

When my window started to rattle, I took apart the door and found that one of the white plastic bushings that slides along the guide tube had come unscrewed. Fortunately, the screw had just fallen into the door. I reassembled it and put a drop of Loctite on for good measure. This is also a good time to grease the guide rod since everything is apart.
*Jim Stadter; '83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)

The cause of the rattle is probably the little anti-rattle gizmos just under the inside window seal at the top of the main part of the door. They are supposed to have velvet covered rubber bumpers glued to them and yours probably don't anymore. If the bare metal is showing get it fixed before it starts scratching the window. I fixed mine with a snip of material from an old polarfleece jacket and some superglue. The rubber things were safely stored in the bottom of the door. Now I can slam away with no rattles.
*Jay Kempf; '79 US 5 speed silber metallische

I also have a rattling drivers side window. I adjusted the felt guides...still rattled. Well after some hunting I found it was the window roller guide (the metal pole the window rides up and down). At the bottom the guide was not securely anchored. I am not sure how the thing is designed so dont know exactly what was wrong, but to fix I pulled it in with a tie strap. No more rattle.

Al W.

Ok, I have addressed my rattle. I have taken a page out of the "rear hatch fix" and applied it to my rattle. The rattle was due to the lower nylon guide being loose enough to jar against the vertical guide rod. I took a piece of plastic, the thickness of a oil container, looped it throught the gap and secured it to the nylon guide. Not rocket science, but it works. I also lubed the rod thouroughly and backed the two felt adjusters of a bit since they did not help cure the problem.

Kevin Berez (
'86.5 928S Auto Meteormetallic

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