Brake Pressure Warning Light

Brake Pressure Warning Light

> I was on a little Oregon Region Porsche Club cruise near Mt. St. Helens
>and my Brake Pressure Warning Light came on...The brakes are fine...the master
>cylinder checks out good...what's the problem?

Sometimes the fluid level sensor may get cocked, make contact and show a low level warning. Fill the bowl and tap on its side to free the sensor, which is nothing more than a float.

You didn't mention what MY. On my '83, I have to disconnect the battery momentarily to "reset" it.

Are your brakes working OK? No pulling to one side?
If the brakes work, the m/c is probably OK.
The brake pressure light is triggered by the two brake light switches switching over at different times.
The best fix is to replace BOTH brake light switches, that way you'll have a matching pair that will age together.

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