Dash Repair

Dash Repair

> Does anyone have any experience using Just Dashes?

I didn't use them but I did visit and tour their plant when investigating a solution for my own shrunken dash and split pod. I would have no problem using them if I hadn't found a less costly solution. The 928 dash and pod will be easy for them. They specialize in MUCH more complex dashes and seem to be THE source for restorers of 50s & 60s American supercars. They offer a number of textures for the skin they vacuform to recover the dash. Be sure to get samples and pick one that closely matches your original appearance - if that's what you want. They can also color a recovered dash, but realize that this is just a kind of paint - the vinyl covering itself comes in black.

One bit of advice.... The MY 86 and later pods have an extra relief on the outboard side of the ignition switch. If you don't have this relief, look at a car that does and carve or grind yours out to match prior to sending it to JD. Also get a defunct switch from a junkyard to send along with the pod so JD can be sure the switch holes are not made smaller causing your switches to bind.
*Philip Eskildsen

Just Dashes will redo the dash in black for around $450. 928 International has a cap of the dash and pod for around $165. I know the caps come in a number of colors. We are working on setting up to recover the dashes in leather - but are not ready to provide this service yet. Tap Plastics makes a liquid two part plastic filler that can be sued with a dye to fill the cracks. It is a nice product. The dash - center console and pod are fairly easy to remove.

Dan Brindle

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